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The Guardian's - Election '08 - "Harlem"

I was part of a team of producers, editors and journalists that hit the road in 2008 to document the lead-up to the 2008 U.S. Presidential race for the Guardian newspaper. "Harlem" is one of the 50+ mini-documentaries that were shown daily on the Guardian's website as part of their election coverage. "Harlem" was produced during the last days of the '08 primary season and it depicts the division of support amongst Harlem's African American voters between Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


Mentos Gum Gallery

A video that I shot and directed for the Martin Agency on behalf of their client, Mentos Gum.


Wrinkle Neck Mules Music Video

I produced this music video for The Martin Agency on behalf of their client, Geico.  This was created as online content for Gecko social media.


The Mom Complex Video

I shot this video for "The Mom Complex", A think tank of The Martin Agency.  The Mom Complex used this video to pitch marketing consulting services to potential clients.